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A 2020 Checklist On How To Avoid Water Damage


avoid water damage

The problem with water damage and flood damage is they can travel quickly and move far before you know it. Most of the time, these questions are being asked – Is water damage covered by insurance? Or what water damage is covered by insurance? To be prepared—it is vital to know what precautions you ought to take to avoid water damage.

At times, the cause of water damage is apparent. Other times, people need flood damage, water damage restoration, or leak detection services to detect the source of water damage. If you need assistance today, get a free estimatecall 949-506-3652.

We’ve compiled a checklist to prevent water damage from happening to you. To understand what is water damage, let’s begin with where water damage comes from.

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Help Yourself Avoid Water Damage | Water Damage Irvine

Here is a 2020 Checklist to help you avoid water damage:

Check The Outside.

  1. Disconnect hoses. Make sure to remove the hoses. If there is water left inside a hose, it can freeze and cause a blockage in your pipes. This can lead to a loss of water flow at best, or even burst pipes, causing damage to your floors, walls, and foundation at worst. So, to prevent water damage, it’s crucial to disconnect hoses.
  2. Clean downspouts and gutters. Keep your downspouts and gutters clean. It’s important to maintain their cleanliness to prevent water damage. Clean your gutters two times a year to avoid ice dams and blockages. Standing water can harm your roof and gutters while overflowing water can create puddles that damage your home’s foundation. Make sure water can flow through your downspouts by cleaning them and directing them away from your home. By taking these steps, you can prevent water damage that could reach your ceiling.
  3. Maintain vegetation and trees. Thriving shrubs can be heavenly—but be cautious when their roots wrap around your pipes. Try to minimize landscaping near your utility pipes to avoid water damage Irvine or, if necessary, remove shrubs and trees that have become too big.

Check The Inside.

  1. Know your water main’s location. Know your water main’s location and shut it off when you leave for a holiday or an extended amount of time. If no water goes into your house, chances are no faucet drips can wreak water damage Irvine havoc on your home while you’re away. If it’s too late, and you’re already experiencing water damage, you may need the help of restoration services. Call us at 949-506-3652.
  2. Check appliances regularly. Regularly inspect your appliances, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to check for leaks and perform maintenance tasks. Is there a risk of water damaging the carpet? Washing machines are a common cause of household floods. If this occurs, you can contact Restoration Irvine and Water Damage Irvine for assistance. They can help you prevent water damage. Seeking their help can effectively protect you from water damage.
  3. Investigate leaks and fix them promptly. If you choose to ignore moisture water damage or postpone making necessary water damage restoration and repairs, be prepared to experience mildew, mold, dry rot, or even structural damage. Keep in mind that your homeowner’s insurance provides water damage restoration and water damage coverage for water damage that is accidental. Water damage that results from a lack of home maintenance is not covered by most standard homeowner’s insurance policies. If it’s too late and you’re already facing flood damage and a water removal disaster, check out tips on how to minimize water damage in your home.
  4. Upgrade any washing machine hoses. Leaky, old, or brittle washing machine hoses are among the most frequent water damage causes of water loss. Replace yours regularly to avoid water damage mess, and expensive flood damage and water damage.
  5. Install water detection devices. Set up water detection devices. These electronic devices have sensors that trigger an alarm when they come into contact with any moisture. Their main advantage is that they can detect small leaks or low levels of moisture that might go unnoticed. Install them near water heaters, washing machines, sump pumps, dishwashers, and toilets to prevent extensive mold growth and avoid water damage.
  6. Check your water pressure. Keep an eye on your water pressure. If it’s too high, it can cause hoses and pipes to break. Get a water pressure gauge from a local hardware store, attach it to an outdoor faucet, and turn the faucet on all the way. The gauge will show your home’s water pressure, which can help prevent water damage. Remember, residential water systems usually work best with pressure between 30 to 70 psi. If your water pressure is over 100 psi, use a pressure regulator.
  7. Monitor your water bill. Sometimes, the only way you can know that water is leaking is by looking at your water bill. If your water usage jumps significantly from one month to the next without explanation, be ready to look for signs of water damage restoration service needs. Is there a leak in the crawlspace? Or, is it a pipe in the front yard? Don’t leave mystery leaks and water damage risks unattended! Doing so can help you avoid water damage.

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What Is Water Damage? | Water Damage Irvine

Water damage Irvine problems under slabs or inside walls can remain hidden for months in some water restoration cases. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye out for any discoloration on walls, flooring, mold, dampness, and mildew, as well as strange odors. If you notice any flood damage risks, call our water damage restoration professionals. They can help you avoid water damage.

Our water damage restoration experts from Superior Restoration are here to protect your home. If you’re dealing with water damage, call the experts for help. We offer free estimates and emergency service around the clock. If you notice any signs of water damage in Irvine, call us at (949) 506-3652 right away.

Water damage, flood damage, and water restoration can be very damaging if not handled by professionals who specialize in water damage restoration.

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Can water damage be fixed? Why, yes, it can. Water removal services are essential—water damage restoration and flood restoration can have awful effects on your property and the people living there if not done right.

Although these are the most common causes of water damage, there are more steps you can take to avoid water damage to your home or business.

Our water restoration technicians are advanced and have hands-on skills and knowledge. No matter the immediate cause of your water damage, we offer contents restoration of your home for any water removal disaster.

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