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Our water damage restoration Irvine process includes the following three steps:

  1. Water Remediation / Water Mitigation
  2. Flood Cleanup
  3. Water Removal or Extraction
  1. Water Remediation / Water MitigationOur process involves both removing the water damage Irvine from the affected area and cleaning up the damage caused by the flooding.
  2. Flood CleanupWhen the flood water from the outside comes into your home, professional companies are tasked with the cleanup process. Flood water can be highly contaminated, and situations like these usually cannot be safely handled without certified water restoration company services. Water damage restoration Irvine process is a bit more complicated and involves removing the water from the affected area, drying it out, and sanitizing it.
  3. Water Removal / Water ExtractionOur process involves removing water from the affected areas. Professional restoration companies near me use special tools to extract large amounts of water from the home, including professional dehumidifiers and air pumps.

Don’t hesitate to call Superior Restoration for all your Irvine water damage restoration needs. As Orange County’s leading water damage expert, we will have the damage repaired in no time.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Irvine

When water damage Irvine strikes your home, calling in experienced professionals is your best line of defense. Superior Restoration has been providing water damage restoration services to Irvine residents for over a decade with consistent results.

Irvine has come a long way from its initial development back in the 1960s, and so have our water damage restoration companies near me services. Irvine has earned the title of the safest large city in America, and we aim to provide its community with the best water restoration services in the area. With a booming job market, outstanding quality of life, and plenty of higher education opportunities, we are grateful to be Irvine’s first water restoration near me choice.

Water damage restoration near me is a term used to describe professional water damage Irvine repair services. This is what most refer to when talking about water damage restoration in Irvine.

Due to the severity of water damage in Irvine, the sooner water restoration is done, the better for the health of your home.

We proudly provide water restoration companies near me service to all residents. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service (949) 506-3652.

What Steps To Take For Water Damage In Your Home?

Regardless of what caused the water damage Irvine, there are universal steps you can take to minimize the damage and, more importantly, find the best water restoration company. If you experience flooding in your home, here are steps you should follow:


Step 1: Safety First

The main thing is to ensure safety and call a professional water damage restoration companies near me help. Depending on the flooding, you might have to evacuate from your home. Before getting back into your home, schedule a restoration companies near me help and ensure your safety.


Step 2: Turn Off The Electricity

Water and electricity don’t work very well. Therefore, it’s essential to shut off your main power supply immediately. However, if your main power switch is in a flooded area, you should leave it to professional restoration companies near me technician.


Step 3: Protect The Valuables

Protect your wooden furniture by lifting it from the wet flooring. Remove any carpets or rugs affected by the water.


Step 4: Clean Everything Up

Once your home is dried, look at all the items to determine what can be saved. In some cases, a water damage restoration near me company might have to remove the drywall, flooring, or the insulation to avoid mildew or mold issues.

While a few furniture pieces might be salvageable, some might have to be discarded based on what amount of water damage Irvine they’ve suffered. The first 24 hours after flooding is critical because this is when mold can begin developing.

Make sure to schedule water restoration near me services. Once water damage Irvine starts, you will need to call the experts.

Stay Safe When Flood Water Damage Irvine Strikes

Flood damage compromises the safety of your home’s structure, immediate water restoration Irvine services are usually needed.

If water damage Irvine cleanup is not taken care of when first noticed, the damages can increase, costing you thousands of dollars in water restoration. Water damage Irvine is progressive, creating more damage the longer it goes untreated. Therefore, our restoration companies near me offer emergency water cleanup and emergency flood water removal services. We are your water damage restoration company.

We are available 24/7 to help if you have an emergency water damage Irvine situation and water restoration near me needs. Call today to get the best water restoration.

What Type Of Homeowners Insurance Covers Water Damage Irvine?

A lot of residents wonder whether their homeowner’s insurance covers water damage Irvine, and the answer depends on circumstances. If the cause of the damage is due to neglect, the home insurance won’t cover the damage.

We can help you find out whether your homeowner’s insurance policy covers water restoration Irvine. Learn a few general rules that will help you determine whether home insurance covers the damage alongside our restoration companies near me expertise. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service (949) 506-3652.

When Is Water Damage Irvine Covered?

Generally, the home insurance policy covers water damage Irvine under the following circumstances:

  • Damage due to heavy rain or snow
  • Plumbing issues (including lousy plumbing, frozen pipes, or accidental overflowing)
  • Damage because of a fire
  • A leak in your roof (only the interior is covered)
  • Faulty appliances (washing machine, hot tub, etc.)
  • Mold (resulting from the water)
  • Acts of vandalism

Categories Of Water Damage Irvine

Water damage has been classified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) into three levels.

The levels of water damage are as follows:

Class 1: Clean Water

Class 2: Grey Water

Class 3: Unsanitary Water

Class 1

If the water damage Irvine in your home was caused by clean, sanitary water, it is going to be classified as category 1. This includes water damage from sources such as toilet tanks, faucets, or water lines. Even though your water may be clean, it can quickly change to class 2 if not taken care of by a water restoration company.

Class 2

If the water source that caused the water damage Irvine is slightly contaminated, it is classified into category two water damage. This water can result in discomfort or sickness if it is ingested. As restoration companies near me know, the usual sources include washing machines, dishwashers, the toilet, among others.

Class 3

Class 3 water damage is caused by water that has very unsanitary contaminants and can cause extreme sickness. Class 3 is water coming from river floods, sewer backup, toilet overflow, or any water that is suitable for bacteria and needs immediate water restoration company attention.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Irvine Clean Up

Our water damage restoration Irvine technicians adhere to the professional standard of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)—the governing body in the cleaning and water damage restoration Irvine industry.

A professional water damage restoration Irvine company is needed to properly disinfect and sanitize the affected areas to prevent microbial growth. If not appropriately treated, sewage water damage will cause serious health problems, especially in children and older adults, as well as in those who suffer from chronic respiratory issues or weakened immune systems. Exposure to wastewater from any sewage backup can result in several illnesses, including Hepatitis A, Tetanus, and Giardia. Superior Restoration uses non-toxic botanical based disinfectants that are safe for children and pets.

You mustn’t try to clean up a mess from broken pipes that are connected to a sewage line. Only trained water restoration near me professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal. Our team of professionally certified technicians have years of experience resolving various sewage cleanup and repair problems.

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