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2 Types of Rotten Wood as a Serious Sign of Water Damage


types of rotten woodVarious types of rotten wood, a common culprit behind water damage, have the potential to silently cause chaos to your home’s structural integrity. Over time, moisture, leaks, or inadequate ventilation can lead to the decay and deterioration of wooden components throughout your house. Whether it’s window sills, door frames, decks, or siding, any wooden area is susceptible to rot. As the wood deteriorates, its strength diminishes, and its ability to repel water is compromised, allowing moisture to seep deeper and inflict extensive damage. Recognizing the significance of rotten wood as a cause of water damage is essential for protecting your home and promptly addressing and preventing its detrimental consequences. By staying attentive and taking proactive measures, you can safeguard your home’s wooden structures, prolong their lifespan, and avoid costly water-related issues.

2 Types of Rotten Wood and How to Avoid It

There are two types of rotten wood. There is dry rot, all the moisture is sucked out of the wood due to extreme heat, and begins to fall apart. There is wet rot, the wood becomes so filled with moisture that it begins to crumble and decay. Of the two, wet rot is the more usual. If the problem is caught in time the wood can usually be saved even if it has been severely soaked. Anyone in your home that has come into contact with water should be dried immediately before any water manages to seep deep inside the wood.

All wood should have a certain level of water in it in order that it does not fall apart but the amount of water should be regulated. If something spills in your home and it comes in contact with say wooden floors, for example, you should dry the floors immediately. Make sure that all the corners and edges of the wood are dry as well. Often this is best achieved by a combination of towels and fans.

Asking for the Help of Professionals

If the wood in your home has become thoroughly soaked which leads to severe water damage, you may need to call for a professional’s help. ¬†These problems caused by the different types of rotten wood, if not dealt with quickly, would become unsalvageable. Thus, professional water damage restoration companies will be a big help for you in order to stop the spread of the damage.


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