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Easily Remove Standing Water In Crawl Space With These 8 Tips


Homeowners are sometimes confronted with unavoidable events such as rainstorms, flash floods, or leaks that eventually lead to standing water in the crawl space. This can be a bigger issue because if neglected, water damage can occur. And the best way to reduce the long-term damage is to respond quickly once you find standing water in your crawl space.

Why is a crawl space needed?

A crawl space is located below your home and it was constructed to provide a foundation between the ground and part of your home. It is usually up to three feet above the ground. Moreover, the purpose of a crawl space is to house items such as electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This can also function to prevent termite infestations in prone areas and act as an insulating layer for the lowest part of the house.

Why does water enter your crawl space?

 Discover water in the crawl space? Here are the main causes:

  1. Plumbing issues such as a burst pipe or leaks can enter the crawl space. Though you have a vapor barrier in the lowest area of your home, the water will just sit on the liner’s top until it evaporates.
  2. Surface water that’s coming from overflowing gutters, roof drainage, grading issues, leaks from vent wells and basement windows–enters into the crawl space.
  3. Groundwater and rainwater can seep into the crawl space. The saturated soil pushes against the foundation wall, finding its way in.

Crawl Space Water Damage

 Ignoring a standing wet crawl space can lead to further damage. Hiring a water damage restoration professional is necessary. Major problems include:

  • Mold and mildew growth including black mold is not good for your property and your health.
  • Dirt and water issues in your crawl space attract dust mites and pests such as termites, mice, spiders, etc. Dust mites can trigger your asthma and allergies.
  • A dirty and humid crawl space takes more energy to cool and heat. More energy indicates a higher energy bill. 

Tips to Remove Standing Water in Crawl Space 

You need to act quickly if you notice standing water in crawl space. This might be a tough task, but ignoring it might just lead to more serious problems such as mold and structural damage. We will help you with our tips on how to get rid of standing water in crawl space and prevent water damage in the future.

  1. Identify the source of standing water in your crawl space. There might be leaking pipes or cracks in the siding of your home. If there are serious amounts of water in the lower foundation of your home, remove immediately.
  1. Get rid of standing water using dry/wet vacuums. Vacuums directly suck up and remove water in the crawl space. 
  1. Protect your crawl space by installing a french drain. This trench that is filled with pipe and gravel helps to divert water from your crawl space thereby preventing it from collecting and pooling in areas around the foundation of your home. 
  1. Observe any cracks that are responsible for seeping water in. Apply sealants to cracks that appear in crawl spaces/ foundation vents.
  1. Dehumidify the crawl space since humidity can cause serious rot or fungal issues. It is better to install a crawl space dehumidifier permanently for better results.
  1. Get rid of items that are contaminated with black water or molds. Put them in plastic bags for disposal.
  1. Consider installing a sump pump if you have a water problem in the crawl space. A sump pump is a tool for pumping out groundwater away from your house. This will reduce or remove water in your crawl space.
  1. Call a water damage professional to help you remove water in your crawl space.

Superior Restoration for the Removal of Standing Water in Crawl Space

Protect your home by keeping your crawl space dry and preventing mold from developing. Crawl space water removal is a tough job and requires special equipment that most people don’t have at home. 

So if you are having trouble with water in the crawl space, please contact our experienced team, Water Damage Irvine. We are available 24/7 to serve you better.


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