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Protect Your Business From COVID-19: 3 Important Ways to Follow


protect your business from covid-19Unseen viruses are the most challenging enemy to tackle. As the pandemic progressed, several businesses began to open to escape the economic downturn. As a business owner, you must find ways on how to protect your business from Covid-19 and not let it go to be bankrupt and close.

To help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus and keep your employees protected, business owners need to keep their establishments clean and virus-free.  According to the data, at least 3.62 million confirmed cases are tallied in California today, and almost 11,000 are from Irvine.

Researchers claim that the virus that causes Covid-19 spreads through the respiratory tract and can spread through saliva, coughs, and sneezes. That’s why owners need to keep their companies free from viruses. 

Hiring a disinfecting team is always the best option to fight against viruses, but here are some cleaning and disinfecting tips that can help you to protect your business from Covid-19. 

Know the Terms

What is a covid-19 virus, and how does it spread? There are a lot of information, opinions, and news out there. Knowing what you’re up against is the best defense you can afford in order to protect your business from Covid-19.


It’s a broad classification of viruses and a disease-causing virus that can infect and kill people.


A type of virus that is part of the broad family of viruses known as coronaviruses. This virus, which can infect humans, was discovered in 2019.


It is a newly discovered infectious disease caused by coronaviruses, and it is the primary enemy that everyone must tackle.

Protect Your Business From Covid-19

Cleaning vs. Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are different from each other. Cleaning is essentially removing all dirt, dust, or waste from your establishment. On the other hand, disinfecting is a method of virus destruction located in any corner of your workplace. These two are essential in order to stop the spread of virus and can help you protect your business from Covid-19.

3 Important Ways to Follow in Order to Protect Your Business from Covid-19

Develop a Plan

The first important thing you need to consider in order to protect your business from Covid-19 is to develop a plan on how to stop the virus from spreading. To kill any potential viruses, you must formulate a strategy to decide what steps you should take.

  1. Assess the area where to clean and disinfect.
  2. Determine how certain places are being cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Know the appropriate tools and equipment to use in cleaning and disinfecting the establishment.

Execute the Plan

After gathering the correct information and the appropriate equipment for cleaning, start the procedure by following these simple tips:


  1. Wear protective gloves or disposable gloves before cleaning the area.
  2. Use clean water and soap to clean every visibly dirty corner.
  3. Wipeout and dry the cleaned area with an absorbent rug or towel after washing.


  1. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), protective lenses, and gloves while doing Do-It-Yourself disinfection.
  2. Use an EPA-approved disinfectant against Covid-19.
  3. Do not mix products and chemicals.
  4. Then use a clean towel with disinfectant to wipe out surfaces.
  5. Make sure you read the label and the directions carefully to know if it suits your needs.
  6. Always keep the disinfectant out of the reach of children.
  7. Make sure to have good ventilation while disinfecting the area.

If the EPA-approved disinfectant is not available, try following these procedures:

  1. Bleach solution is one of the options for disinfectants. Most of the time, household bleach contains 5-9 % sodium hypochlorite. Do not use the bleach product if not in this range.
  2. Follow the direction on the bleach bottle to prepare diluted bleaching solutions. 
  3. Leave the diluted bleach solution on the surfaces for 1 minute before wiping out.
  4. Ensure proper ventilation during and after application.
  5. Make sure to never mix bleach solutions with other cleaning products or chemicals.

Maintain and Revise

To make sure that you can fully protect your business from Covid-19, you have to maintain and revise the plan that you have created against the spread of the virus. Use the same method now and then for cleaning and disinfecting. Also, ensure to give all the workers and personnel accurate information about Covid-19. Besides, equip the disinfecting area with at least 60% alcohol, hand sanitizers, and appropriate hand washing techniques.

Most Frequently Touched Surfaces and Objects That Need Routine Cleaning and Disinfection:

  1. Doorknobs
  2. Tables
  3. Countertops
  4. Handles
  5. Light switches
  6. Desks
  7. Phones
  8. Tablet
  9. Handrails
  10. Personal computer and peripherals
  11. Toilets
  12. Faucet
  13. Sinks
  14. ATM Machines
  15. Keyboard
  16. Any work devices that may get shared from person to person
  17. Surfaces and appliances that come into contact with the consumer

Prevention Tips

Aside from following the steps to protect your business from Covid-19, there are also some steps you can implement or do to prevent the spread of the virus in your office. 

  • Encourage all employees to wear protective gear like masks, using a disinfectant like alcohol and sanitizers.
  • Often, aim to practice limiting the number of people entering your establishment and practicing physical distance.
  • Advise workers not to return to work if they are sick since the infection can quickly spread to those with compromised immune systems.
  • To ensure that your establishments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, you can hire a reputable professional disinfecting service. Handling it by the experts is preferable rather than by yourself.

Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Starting with yourself is the best way to get rid of viruses. Use the proper methods to avoid the infection, such as regularly disinfecting yourself, taking supplements to improve the immune system, wearing a mask, isolation, and proper handwashing. Furthermore, to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfecting of your business and home, contact professionals at Superior Restoration.

Superior Restoration offers professional COVID-19 cleaning services. Our trained technicians are capable of removing germs and viruses such as COVID-19 and others. Thus, it can help you to fully protect your business from Covid-19. They will come well-equipped and prepared to ensure that your business is safe and virus-free. You may call our local office, Water Damage Irvine, to know more about our cleaning and disinfecting services.


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