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Black Mold Testing: 3 Important Information You Need to Know


black mold testingBlack mold, a toxic fungus, can be life-threatening for those susceptible to it. It easily spreads through the air and, when inhaled, causes severe respiratory issues, blood toxicity, and other serious health problems. To ensure safety and well-being, it is crucial to prioritize proper treatment and undergo black mold testing if there are concerns about its presence.

Anyone with an already weakened immune system should stay well away from mold and under no circumstances should attempt to clean it up. A professional mold remediation company is your best bet to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the mold.

Important Things to Know about Black Mold Testing

These are a few things you should know about black mold testing in your home and office.

  • Signs of black mold
    If you have a persistent water leak behind a wall or you detect a musty smell and cannot find where it is coming from you may want to call in a professional to test for black mold. If you can actually see the mold do not approach it and by no means breathe it in.
  • Home testing kits
    You can purchase a home testing kit at stores such as home depot. Some will give you the result right then and there and some of them will ask you to mail in the sample that you’ve taken and the result will come afterward. It’s worth noting that these kits are easy to use but not as accurate as professional testing.
  • Professional inspection
    While you can do it yourself it is highly recommended that professional mold removal experts have a look at your home or office for the presence of black mold. They have training and experience on their side when it comes to detecting mold.


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