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Public Insurance Adjuster: 6 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire One


public insurance adjusterNow, the worst has happened. Your home is suffering from severe damage and you are at the crossroads of who will work on your insurance claim. Could it be the company insurance adjuster or a public insurance adjuster? You might choose the company adjuster because you don’t need to look for a public adjuster.

Let me explain: a company insurance adjuster represents your insurance company, whereas a public insurance adjuster represents you. If you want more details, keep reading to learn why it’s beneficial to hire a public insurance adjuster for your insurance claim.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster or sometimes called a public adjuster is an independent professional that an insurance policyholder may hire to help with the insurance settlement. This professional is paid according to your total insurance payout.

Why Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

Public Adjusters Help You Understand Your Insurance Policy

If you are someone who has no knowledge about insurance policies, it can be difficult to understand insurance documents. A public adjuster will explain to you all the insurance jargon and let you understand the options you have in making your insurance claim which is stated in your insurance policy. Moreover, public insurance adjusters help you with all the paperwork and submit the documents necessary to start with the insurance claim.

Public insurance adjusters will use their knowledge and skills to help you get the proper claim for conducting repair and restoration.

Public Adjusters Resolve Your Claim Faster

Processing your insurance claim is tedious. You might need to take some of your time out of your busy schedule to coordinate with your insurance company. You also need to gather all the necessary documents in resolving your insurance claim. Thanks to public adjusters. Because of their knowledge, skills, and expertise in dealing with insurance claims, processing documents, and communicating with your insurance company, your claim can be processed and resolved faster. Moreover, you can continue with your daily life with the assurance that your public adjuster will take care of your insurance claim well.

A Public Adjuster Protects Your Rights

This can be a very important point. Unlike an independent insurance adjuster, a public insurance adjuster works on behalf of the insurance policyholder. That means they are not related to your insurance company. They work for you to ensure that the insurance claim is in your favor.

Moreover, a company insurance adjuster works for the company to provide you with the lowest insurance payout. But, your public adjuster will help you get the highest possible payout.

A Public Adjuster Ensures A Higher Value For Your Claim

Many homeowners would think that a public adjuster tries to get a higher value for their client’s insurance claim. But in most cases, insurance payout just gets higher when they are involved.

To state the fact, The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) conducted a study and found out that a public adjuster can negotiate up to 747% higher than the insurance payout from the insurance company.

A Public Insurance Adjuster Is Paid Based On Your Insurance Payout

Your company insurance adjuster is paid by the company it works for. On the other hand, a public adjuster charges fees that have to be paid by the client.

But before you take a step and decide to work with the company insurance adjuster, know that the public adjuster’s fee is based on your payout. They will only get a small percentage of your total payout which is 10%, in general. The report from OPPAGA can show evidence of this information.

This is a good compensation system because it can serve as an incentive for a public adjuster to get higher insurance payouts in a legal way.

You Have The Right To Terminate The Contract Anytime

There is a limitation stated in most contract agreements when working with public insurance adjusters. For instance, the contract will state your limitation to contact your insurance provider or insurance agent. But there is nothing to worry about it, because as mentioned, your public adjuster works for you and, to get better compensation; they will make sure to get you the maximum insurance payout. But, if you have the right to terminate the contract anytime you want.

There can be more reasons why you should hire a public adjuster for your claim. But what is most important here is the policyholder will benefit more from having a public adjuster.

In Case of Water and Fire Damage

If your home is damaged by natural disasters like fire, flood, or storm, it’s important to hire a public adjuster. These events can cause serious harm to your property, so having an experienced professional who understands water and fire damage restoration is vital. They will work to ensure that your insurance claims are handled properly and that you receive a fair and accurate payout.


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