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8 Common Disastrous Causes of Home Flooding


home floodingHomeowners experience different types of water-related issues that lead to home flooding. Protecting your home and personal belongings from water damage may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can prevent water disasters from happening by knowing their causes and using simple maintenance measures.

In this article, we will cover the 8 most frequently occurring reasons for home flooding and water damage issues.

Home Flooding: 8 Common Disastrous Causes to Take Note

In order to address the problem of water damage such as home flooding, we have to know first the main reason why it happened in the first place. below are some of the common and frequent causes of disastrous home flooding.

1. Broken Pipes

The number one main cause of home flooding is broken pipes. During severe winters, the water in a pipe can freeze and expand. Expanding water can cause pipes to crack and break. Pipes and taps can also break due to old age.

2. Faulty Foundations:

Homes situated close to coastal regions are at risk of foundation drainage issues. This is because the soil near the sea is marshy and might not provide a sturdy ground for the home’s structure to stand on. Therefore at the time of construction, it is important to ensure that a home’s foundation is strong by using concrete piles and solid cement beams.

3. Plugged Drainage Systems

Poor drainage systems or aged drainage lines can also cause home flooding. Drainage problems could arise from groundwater flooding the gutters, blocking of passage to the sewer line, or even poor lawn drainage, such as wrongly constructed trenches or channel drains.

4. Clogged Rain Gutters

A rain gutter is a long channel built to collect surface water that accumulates along the lower edge of your roof. Without a rain gutter, or with one that is broken or clogged, the water from rain or melted snow would simply fall right next to the house and form a pool near the foundation.

5. Washing Machine Failures

The first four steps need to be done in that order and as quickly as possible. After that, you need to remove any and all items from the affected area that you can move. Clothes, furniture, appliances such as washing machines, and any other items – moving all these things will make it possible to help the technicians deal with the damage easily. Remember that items do become heavier when they’re wet so don’t put in too much effort if something is too heavy for you to remove. The technicians from Superior Restore will handle it.

6. Water Heater Failure

The biggest reason for damage from water heaters is negligence. Most households install water heaters, and never turn to look towards them again. This is not a good idea, and you should mark your calendars for at least once-a-year maintenance of water heaters. Leaks can develop slowly and destroy a heater from the outside.

7. Sewer Backup

Shrubs and tree roots seeking moisture can make their way into sewer line cracks causing extensive damage. Once the roots make an entry into the underground pipes, they continue to grow on the nutrients provided by sludge and water and can cause the pipes to get blocked. This can cause sewer backup, leading to flooding in the toilet and kitchen.

8. Clogged Toilet

A toilet can overflow due to a clogged pipe. A damaged home plumbing system can also cause backups and blockages. In addition, flushing toilet paper, solid objects, foods, and feminine products down the toilet can lead to a clogged toilet.

Ask the Professionals

If you think you have already done everything in order to prevent and avoid water damage at home, but still the problem continues to persist, then it is about time for you to ask for some help from a professional water damage restoration company.

At Superior Restoration, we understand the stress and damage that can be caused by water damage in a home. That’s why we are dedicated to helping homeowners prevent such problems from occurring in the first place. Our team of experts is well-versed in the various causes of water damage, including home flooding, and can offer valuable advice and solutions to keep your home safe and dry. From regular maintenance and inspections to emergency services in the event of water damage, we are here to provide the necessary support and expertise to keep your home protected. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands and that you have taken the necessary steps to prevent water damage from occurring.

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