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Top 3 Most Disastrous Causes of Water Damage In Southern California


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Although some homeowners throughout the U.S. must seasonally prepare for possible flooding from rising waters, this rarely happens in Southern California. However, there are many other situations where water damage can wreak havoc on commercial and residential properties here and everyone is asking for the possible causes of water damage in this place.

Often water damage is hidden and progresses slowly—this causes catastrophic issues and severe water damage restoration services by the time it gets detected. Certain areas of a home can be more prone to water damage than others. For instance, you are likely to spot a leaking dishwasher or overflowing toilet right away. But areas like crawl spaces, basements, and attics are often in need of emergency water restoration services as well.

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Water damage issues go unnoticed until they have had time to manifest in ways that can be seen by the naked eye. Problems under slabs or inside walls can remain hidden for weeks and months in some water restoration cases we have seen. Therefore, it is so important for homeowners to keep an eye out for any discoloration on flooring and walls, mold, dampness, and mildew, as well as strange or off-odors throughout their house. By doing so, you will be able to identify right away the causes of water damage that you have encountered at home.

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The 3 Most Common Causes of Water Damage

causes of water damageMost of the water restoration service calls we get are from customers who believe that they have already identified where the leak is coming from, only to find out later that they are mistaken. But how can we really be sure in identifying the possible causes of water damage at home?

The problem with water and flood damage is it can travel quickly and move a considerable distance before you even realize it is there. Water removal services are essential. Flood restoration and water damage restoration have grave effects on people and property if not done correctly. Learning how to recognize water damage is the first step.

To be prepared, it is essential to know what precautions you ought to take. Sometimes our customers need water removal, water damage restoration, or leak detection services to detect the source of water damage. Other times the cause is apparent. Water damage, water removal, and water restoration can be disastrous if not dealt with by water damage restoration professionals. That is why, in order to avoid more works to be, it is important to ask for professional help right away in finding the causes of water damage in your home. Get a free estimate and call 949-506-3652.  

Below are the 3 most common causes of water damage and flood damage that we see as water restoration professionals that serve Southern California.

Common Causes of Water Damage #01: Roof & Window Leaks. Roof leaks are a homeowner’s nightmare. Not only are they serious issues that must be fixed immediately—but they are also usually costly. And when you consider the potential leaks that cause water damage and water damage restoration Irvine services to be called, the cost increases greatly when a roof is involved.

  • Checking gutters and downspouts quarterly is an excellent way to keep water from collecting on your rooftop. It will also prevent water damage and water restoration Irvine service needs, as lakes often make their way from a downspout or clogged gutter into your attic and eventually, the ceiling.
  • It is also good to check periodically on the unused corners and crevices of your home. Flashing that is laid around chimneys and vent pipes, and fireplaces can wear down with time.
  • Does your home have any windows? Of course, it does. Checking the seal around your windows and monitoring the amount of water damage Irvine condensation that collects during winter months is an excellent proactive measure against water damage restoration Irvine emergencies.
  • Finally, when is the last time you have been on your roof? Checking for missing or bad shingles at least once per year is a good preventative practice. That will go a long way to preserving the integrity of your roof and ensuring you catch small issues before they turn into significant flood damage Irvine and water removal Irvine nightmares.

If you notice any considerable flood damage Irvine risks, call our water damage restoration Irvine professionals.

Common Causes of Water Damage #02: Home Appliances. Most Southern California homeowners are unaware of this fact, but laundry washing machines are one of the leading causes of residential water damage and flood restoration emergency calls.

Laundry washing machines often overflow when a drain gets clogged, or when weathered or worn hoses become disconnected or burst. Either issue can easily lead to hundreds of gallons of water spilling out into your home that will need immediate flood restoration and water damage restoration service. Imagine, you are running a load of laundry and quickly head out to run a few errands only to come home to a house with severe flood damage. So, it is always a good idea to check connections, your washing machine drain, and your hoses regularly.

Water heaters are another underestimated cause of most residential flood damage service calls. From leaking valves and fittings to rust and deterioration of the tank to extreme scenarios like a complete water heater rupture, there is no shortage of ways a water heater can wreak havoc on your home.

Finally, another appliance that causes water damage in homes is the dishwashing machine. Much like laundry washing machines, damaged hoses, and clogged drain lines are a leading cause for emergency water restoration services.

Common Causes of Water Damage #03: Humidity and Condensation. Often what may seem like some plumbing or roofing leak at first, turns out to be condensation. A common problem we see in older homes with single-pane windows or inadequate insulation, and in bathrooms and showers.

It is so essential to have correctly functioning exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens in your home. Checking your vents for obstructions, and ensuring your fans are working right will do much in the fight against water damage condensation that can lead to mildew and mold growth.

Condensation on windows can drip down and cause water damage on the frame and windowsills. If you notice this often, consider using a dehumidifier or installing a whole-house dehumidifier. If you see any significant flood damage risks, call a water damage restoration technician.

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Water Damage Restoration Expertise

Our water restoration technicians are advanced and have hands-on skills and masterful knowledge. No matter the cause of your water damage, we offer contents restoration of your home as well as all material possessions for any water removal disaster.

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