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5 Common Causes of a Sewer Backup: Importance of Knowing It


causes of a sewer backupCauses of a sewer backup can lead to one of the most damaging occurrences for your property. If not promptly addressed, it can pose significant health risks for your family. In such a situation, reaching out to a water damage restoration company should be your first step. They will assist in determining the necessary cleaning measures and provide you with peace of mind as they handle the work. The primary issue with a sewer backup is its unexpected nature. To help prevent such incidents, here are a few potential causes to be aware of.

5 Common Causes of a Sewer Backup

To help you deal with problems regarding sewer backup, here are 5 common causes of a sewer backup.

  • Clog in the sewer system: Grease, hair, diapers, tree roots, and other things you flushed down the toilet. Calls can of course be created by vandalism as well.
  • Aging sewer systems: many older properties have planning that dates back quite a few years possibly even to when it was constructed. Usually, these systems are made of metal piping, which will deteriorate over time and will commonly burst.
  • Problems with sanitary main pipeline: if something happens with the municipal water system and they do not attempt to sewage Backup into residential and commercial buildings. Sometimes this is due to insufficient system capacity.
  • Construction accidents: often construction happening several houses away or further can cause a place to break especially when using digging equipment.
  • Combined pipelines: some systems use a combination of water and waste pipelines that run together. When you have heavy rain or flooding or great pressure on the system the pipes cannot contain the flow and it starts to back up in homes and businesses.

Sometimes it can be prevented, often it cannot be prevented but being prepared is the best thing you can do. If you know who to call in an emergency, then you will know how best to deal with this kind of situation when it arises.


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