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Why is My Dishwasher Leaking? 7 Common Causes Of A Dishwasher Leak


You go to the kitchen and check the dishes in your dishwasher after a cycle. Then you notice a puddle of water on the floor and start to wonder, “Why is my dishwasher leaking?”. Going through this situation, you’ll try to figure out what are the common causes of a dishwasher leak.

Seeing and experiencing a leak in any area of your home is an alarming sight and this can cause water damage if not addressed immediately. As you read this article, you will learn the different common causes of a dishwasher leak.

Why is My Dishwasher Leaking?

7 Common Causes of a Dishwasher Leak

Dishwashers are incredibly useful, but they can become a hassle if they’re not working properly. This article will explain why your dishwasher might be leaking. Below are the most common reasons for a dishwasher leak:

1. Misaligned Dishwasher

One of the most common causes of a dishwasher leak is improper alignment or installation of the machine. Prevent the water level from rising on one side by letting it sit on level ground. Failure to level the machine can cause the door to not close properly. Shims can also help solve misalignment.

2. Choosing the Wrong Detergent

Using a regular dish soap can cause your dishwasher to overflow and leak due to excessive suds. Use detergents that are specifically intended for dishwashers and avoid using dish soap when rinsing.

3. Lack of Proper Door Seal

Another cause why your dishwasher leaks are due to a weak seal. Always inspect the gasket seal around the door. A damaged or worn-out seal has to be replaced or repaired to prevent water from leaking out.

4. Damaged Dishwasher Tub

A damaged dishwasher tub is caused by corrosion from minerals and detergents. A hole might develop after several years of use and cause water to drip from the bottom to the floor. If this is the case, you might have to buy a new one. You might as well have a repairman check at the damages first to see if it can be fixed.

5. Clogged Dishwasher Filter

The function of the filter is to trap food particles and other debris left behind after cleaning. However, the buildup of foreign food or objects over time can lead to clogged filters and can cause leaks in your dishwasher. Check and clean the filter once a month to prevent this from happening.

6. Faulty Water Valve

The water inlet valve’s function is to feed water from the water line going to the dishwasher. If there’s a problem with the valve, it can cause water to leak from the system. Dishes don’t clean properly as well. To check a faulty water valve, remove the bottom plate at the front of the dishwasher and check for any corrosion. Moreover, check whether water is dripping from the inlet valve. If the water drips from the valve, shut off the water supply and change it with a new valve.

7. Loose and Damage Hose Clamps

Loose or damaged hose clamps can disrupt water flow in your dishwasher. These clamps secure the hoses that bring water in and drain it out. To check them, remove the kickplate at the dishwasher’s bottom. Look for loose clamps and cracks in the hoses. Tighten loose clamps with a screwdriver or replace them if damaged. Similarly, replace any damaged hoses to ensure proper functioning.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

If your dishwasher leaks and causes damage, your homeowner’s insurance can cover it. Typically, if the damage is due to plumbing or mechanical issues rather than negligence, it’s included. When making a claim, you can hire experts to clean up the water, dry the affected areas, and prevent mold growth.

Prevent Dishwasher Water Damage

Dishwasher leaks can cause water damage especially if it goes unnoticed over time. It can secretly invade your property like a thief, slowly snatching the beauty of your home and your pocket! Prevent long-term water damage in your home with Superior Restoration water damage restoration services. We will gladly help you with your concerns and assist you 24/7. Please contact Water Damage Irvine, today.


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