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Can you save your water damage laminate floors?



Unfortunately the answer is no. If you approach a company and they tell you that they can either they discovered the power of magic or you should call someone else. The reason why the floors cannot be saved after its immortal damages this, the top layer of laminate floors is made of paper. Everyone knows that happens the paper when it gets wet. It gets crinkly and starts to swell and never goes back to its previous condition. The same is true for laminate floors. The first thing you should do with laminate floors that had water been damaged is tear them out. The longer you leave it the more likely that the subfloor will be damaged beneath it.


The subfloor below must be cleaned and dried as soon as possible in order prevents the growth of mold. It can grow very rapidly and the longer you wait to have the fraud dealt with the more likely going to have this problem. Mold has been known to cause several major health issues and should never be taken lightly.


The removal of the laminate floors and the cleaning of the subfloor should be handled by a water damage restoration company. These trained professionals will have not only the equipment necessary to clean it but also the experience that will help them get the job done properly. It’s not worth your while to attempt cleanup yourself because it’s the subfloor is not fully dried and you lay down and new layer of flooring above it the damage will only get worse over time.


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